Strength Training in Pasadena CA

There are many different ideologies regarding the true definition of strength training. What’s important for you to know is that strength training is designed to increase muscle strength and muscle power.  As a result, it reduces sports-related injuries and strengthens bones.  There is a myriad of strength training benefits. Clients sleep better, experience less stress, have more mobility and of course, lose weight. Personal Trainer Pasadena offers strength training for athletes, children, and adolescents, as well as seniors, men, and women.  For more information about how strength training can enhance your life, contact us today.

Strength Training for Children & Adolescents

It is totally safe to allow children to engage in strength training.  The edict, “no pain –no gain” certainly does not apply to children.  Kids should experience 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity throughout the day.  Given the childhood obesity epidemic in this country, we know that it doesn’t always happen.  At Personal Trainer Pasadena CA, we make training fun.  Kids play sports to have fun, make friends, and learn something new.  This concept is built into our children’s strength training program.  We incorporate free weights, elastic bands, medicine balls and their own body weight to yield the desired results.

Strength Training for Men

Raise the bar – literally with personalized strength training for men.  In addition to building strength and stronger muscles, strength training makes men smarter.  Strength training restores brain neuron connections, thereby improving memory and the ability to learn. Weightlifting encourages the brain to produce specific hormones that stimulate hippocampus growth.  Our male clients are happier and calmer due to increased endorphins flowing through the body.  Men who engage in consistent strength training report better sex due to harder erections and longer orgasms.  Scientific studies have shown that women find men with developed biceps, abs, and shoulders more attractive.  

Strength Training for Women

Most women are averse to strength training because they think they are going to start looking like a man.  Women do not produce enough testosterone to bulk up.  Strength training is a great activity to do in conjunction with cardio.  Gain leaner muscles and spend less time working out with strategic strength training.  Humans lose muscle mass as they age.  Strength training is a great way to slow down the process.  Muscles protect bones and as they contract, the put pressure on bones.  This is the process that strengthens bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis.  We help you to get over free weight intimidation.  The dumbbell section is not just for men.  Sleep better, gain confidence and look better with strength training.

Strength Training for Seniors

As long as you’re on God’s green earth, it’s important to move your body every day.  Working out and looking good is not just for young folks.  Even if you have 9 decades on this planet, strength training at any age is a good look.  Strength training helps to reduce back pain, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis symptoms.  Negative effects of diabetes and depression decrease with consistent strength training.  If you’ve been feeling a bit shaky and unsure as you walk or climb stairs, consider improving your balance with strength training.  Control glucose levels and become more independent with strength training.