Corporate Fitness in Pasadena CA

We could bombard you with statistics of how fit and healthy employees help to improve your bottom line, but we won’t.  Seeing is believing and seeing how over 50 Pasadena companies offer wellness programs is proof in the pudding.  We don’t need to tell you how sick and disgruntled employees are contagious.  When your staff is fit, their immune systems are stronger.  They’re less likely to get sick.  This means that a nasty flu bug has less of a chance to circulate around the office.  Viruses have been known to knock out entire departments.  Personal Trainer Pasadena will help you build a well-rounded fitness program.

Corporate Fitness Benefits

Serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are produced while exercising.  These chemicals help the body cope with stress and anxiety.  If a department is on a tight deadline, they are able to push through without total dysfunction.  The brain functions better when the body is fit.  Taking a break to rejuvenate the body, floods the brain with chemicals, and allows it to tackle complex problems with ease.  Sick days can be a financial drain on a corporation, which is why employees are given a limited amount.  When your staff is healthy they call out less.  Everyone wants to work in an environment that is healthy, happy, and relaxed.  By incorporating a wellness program into your company’s everyday activities, you are setting yourself and your employees up for success.

Constructive Feedback and Evolution

Each corporation has a different set of factors to contend with.  There are no one size fits all approach to corporate fitness.  We take into account your industry demands, employee demographic, departments and workload.  Personal Trainer Pasadena will build a wellness program with your specific needs in mind.  Nothing is set in stone.  With constructive feedback we can modify the program to suit your company’s needs.  A good wellness program should evolve with your staff.  If you create a new department or initiative, we can modify the program to suit your needs.

Fitness and Charity

Many corporations participate in annual charity events.  We have worked with companies to get them ready for charity competitions.  If you participate in a walk-a-thon or marathon, we can train your staff to compete at their best level.  This is a great way to increase your pledges.  We have found that when employees play well together, they work well together.  Fitness charities have a strong community impact but they also help to expand brand awareness.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation.  We will sit down with your human resources director to develop and facilitate a plan.

Be the Best Place to Work

When Fortune Magazine publishes its annual, “Best Places to Work” edition, it considers a variety of factors.  They evaluate statements of over 2.7 million employees across 50 nations.  Next, they analyze these anonymous submissions based on respect, fairness, pride, camaraderie, and trust.  Respect and camaraderie are crucial when determining whether or not to develop a corporate fitness program.  Employees feel respected and valued when they are rewarded.  A fitness program can be perceived as a reward or benefit.  Camaraderie is developed when a team works together.  Engaging in fitness activities helps to build comradery.  Become one of the nation’s best places to work by creating a comprehensive fitness program.